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The Art of Cooling – 100 Years On

Air conditioners have become an essential product of the modern world. With expanding population and increasing temperatures, we were in the situation to survive the hot season using this very useful science.# Here, we have endorsed an attractive infographic which says how Air conditioners made of and using in the modern world. Are you burdern of these… Continue reading The Art of Cooling – 100 Years On

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Interior Design for Bathroom

Decorating a space will be an awfully daunting task. This is true especially for individuals who have no previous experience or training in interior design or decorating. Not only will it take time, it also needs some patience and creativity. Use the Shiny nickel shower head Paint the inside edge of your door Use Masking tape for… Continue reading Interior Design for Bathroom

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Things to know before buying the dress

When you are planned to buy the wedding dress, While Wedding dress is so important one and also the memorable one for the lifetime. So choose your right dress for the beautiful occasion.  Then try to keep in mind these important things. They are Be open to alterations Trust your instincts Know your budget Keep… Continue reading Things to know before buying the dress

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How long should you keep products?

While using the cosmetics products always check the expiry date of the product. Because it’s always important to check and know the validity of all type of product. Even it may damage your skin when try to use the old products. Let us discuss some of the products and validity months. Mascara and Liquid liners –… Continue reading How long should you keep products?