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When should I plant

plant-timingIf you wish to plant a plant in your home. Try to know the season or months to plant in a correct time. Some of the plants and their months follows

  1. Beetroot  Sow – Mar to Jul  and Harvest – Jun to Oct
  2. Carrot     Sow – Feb to Aug and Harvest – Jun to Oct
  3. Onion      Sow – Feb to Apr  and Harvest – Aug to Oct
  4. Peppers   Sow – Mar to Apr and Harvest – Jun to Oct
  5. Tomato   Sow – Nov to Mar and Harvest – Aug to Oct
  6. Mustard  Sow – Jun to Sep and Harvest – Jul to Oct

If you any queries or doubts about planting get the detailed tips from Gardening Center.


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