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What Colors to use in Design


If you are planning to create a design then try to remember these color theme to use it well in the Graphic Design.  The basic color scheme are

  1. Eatery – Chocolate or coffee brown
  2. Technology Gadgets – Silver
  3. Security – Black and Charcoal gray
  4. Travel – Light blue
  5. Dating – Lavender and light pink
  6. Technology services –  Sky blue, Charcoal gray and Teal
  7. Healthy  living       – Foilage Greens
  8. Restaurant – Deep Red
  9. Finance, Money, and investment – Dark Green, Sky blue, Charcoal Gray
  10. Toys – Bright pink
  11. Babies – Light yellow and aqua
  12. Holidays – Golden yellow

While creating the graphic design follow these color schemes to represent the things in correct way. If you have any doubts regarding the graphic designs then consult the best Graphic Design in Chennai.


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