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New UAE Car Insurance Rules to go into Effect on Jan 1st 2017

The Insurance Authority has approved for the set of new rules for the car insurance policies in the UAE which is become effective on 1st January 2017. But how will these new rules will affect you when you are buying your next car the insurance policy in Dubai, Abu Dhabi or the Northern Emirates? Some of the important rules of the car insurance are

More coverage for drivers not at fault: The Insurance Authority has to impose the stricter rules on what it’s exactly covered by the third party liability (TPL) insurance. If you’re not at fault, you can get the replacement the vehicle in case of an accident which is irrespective of if your own an insurance policy that may provide this benefit.

More benefits for your family: The third party liability (TPL) benefit has extended, it will cover the car accidents which is involving your family members. Earlier your relatives were only be covered under the claim of the passenger accident, the benefit which often comes at an additional price for the car insurance policies.

New excess rules: The excess amount which you have to bear before the car the insurance company will pay the claim. New rules for the maximum excess which includes many of the customers will choose the lower excess on their car insurance policies as compared to the last year. Still, the most of the drivers will have the right to choose the higher voluntary excess and it will get the lower premium in return.

Pick and choose: Earlier, the customers can only choose between the third party liability (TPL) and the comprehensive car insurance policies.Now comprehensive policy has consisted of the bundle of covers which including TPL and also it will cover for any damage to your own vehicle.

The cost of Insurance: As the benefits of the insurance have increased, the price of the motor insurance in the UAE also expected to rise in the year of 2017. Earlier it has been comparing the quotes pays off as the insurance companies still, have the right to define the exact price for the driver profile.


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