How can I sell my car in Dubai?

There are certain laws and legal procedures which are to follow in the pursuit of selling your vehicle in Dubai.
1. Clearance by RTA: As per the law, Get the clearance from the Road and Transport Authority (RTA) which is mandatory. This RTA certificate which is to ensure that all the loans and finances for the vehicle have been cleared by the owner of the car. The certificate which is cost you less and it’s valid for 30 Days, it will cost you around the amount of AED 120.
2. The presence of Original Owner at the time of Deal: The owner of the car must have to be present while signing the deal with the original ID proof and RTA certificate. In the case of any emergency, that the owner/original seller can able to give the power of attorney to someone who can deal with the owner.
3. Insurance and Loan Transfer: Make sure that most of the companies do not provide the facility of transferring the insurance to the new buyer of the automobile. So always check the company’s terms and conditions before you signing the deal. While some might say that if the policy is seven months older then only you can able to be transferred. Or you can cancel the insurance if not more than seven months older. Loan transfer which is not possible. First, You should have to pay the pending loans and then only they will provide the RTA certificate.

4. Online Car Buyers: Before you are going to any dealer or any of the online car buyer, check whether the company have an RTA certified or not. Or else, you will suffer from the legal problems and it also have the additional charges should be imposed on you.

Rather Selling your loved car, just Ship your car from Dubai to your hometown.


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