How much does it cost to ship a car overseas?

1) Don’t fill your car tank during the car shipping. You will waste money. According to the law, the maximum has allowed aboard the ship is 1/4 tank of gas. Anything above that fuel it will be suctioned out of the gas tank.
2) If you can also bring your car to the departure shipping port so you do not have to pay for our truck drivers. Use the public transport after your car shipment.
3) Compare the cost of bringing the car yourself vs picking up your car for you.
4) If you’re buying a car, try to buy it which is close to the departure port. If possible, see if the car salesman can drop your car off at the departure port for you.
5) If the car is far away from the departure port, then try to bring it to a trucking terminal in your city so your truck driver does not have to drive so far. The less gas, the less money has needs to be paid for trucking.
6) Try to ship your vehicle through RoRo. If you are shipping more than two cars, then you’ll probably want to ship through a container.
7) If our truck driver has to go up for mountains, expect higher rates because of the gas regardless if it is the same amount of the miles as if it were been flat.
8) Compare the cost of the shipping vs selling the car to buy a new car.

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