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Home Spa Treatment


Everybody wants to take a spa, follow these steps and do it at home easily. These type of home spa beauty treatments makes sure to put you in an uplifting and a relaxed mood.

  • Add Rose Water with a Coconut Milk for a Relaxing Bath

    Honey mixed with an olive oil which makes a skin moisturizer which is so simple and safe to use it on skin.


    Take 1 teaspoon of sugar with a small amount of Vaseline and make a gentle lip scrub it keeps your lips from becoming chapped.


    Reduce the redness by mixing a lemon juice with a honey and applying to red areas of skin.


    For a natural face exfoliator which helps to removes the dead skin and also reduces acne, add a brown sugar and about one tablespoon of raw honey together, and then apply to the skin.

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