Infograph · Weight loss

Food to help you for Weight loss


A delicious and nutrient rich food which helps to keep you healthy and also helps to lose your weight.

  1. Avocado –Avocado which helps to increases your metabolism to make your body burn in fat more faster.
  2. Apples – Apple is Tasty, which contains low calories and can also be easily carried for a snack
  3. Lemon – A glass of lemon water is the great replacement for the high calorie and sugar-filled juice. It has Vitamin C, popular as a detox, and also great for keeping your metabolism always steady.
  4. Berries – Berries are high in antioxidants and other nutrients. It helps you to feel full and satisfied after eating the berries.
  5. Bananas – Bananas which is rich in potassium and also helps to the body strengthen muscles and burn fat instead of the carbs.
  6. Coconut – Coconut has powerful effects on maintaining your metabolism to keep steady.

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